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Form to Excel Sheet
Easly takes submited inforamtion from form and places it into an excel sheet.

Does not over-write exsiting data
Does not over write data in excel file instead it adds it to the bottom, EXCEPT if you have more then 1 worksheet (it will erase all but one worksheet).

Easy to setup
Set the file permissions for the excel file and Edit 4 things one file and your done.
Please take a look at our lastest program. Form to Excel is a reliable, easy, program for taking information from an online form and having the information submited / processed into an excel sheet.
Lastest Version
FormToExcel version 3.0, the latest version is now available. It features:
- an easier installation
- no database needed
- virtually no PHP knowledge needed
(version 3.0 was written in 2007)

A website host that supports:
  • PHP
  • changing read/write/execute file properies
And a little HTML knowledge from your self (basically able to edit html forms).
Know Bugs:
1. In some cases it leaves a blank line for the first time it edits the excel file.
2. It will errase other WorkSheets and use the last Worksheet to add data to.
3. Some people could only get it to work with the excel sheet it comes with.

Improtant Note
No support is offered for this program. It is should be know that you use it at your own risk.

Buy Now
Purchase this program now and instantly be taken to our sucure page to download this program. $25.00
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