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"This site makes applying for jobs online much easier."
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Job Seekers: Get a Professional Webpage

What can I do with a Professional Webpage?
With a professional webpage you can refer possiable employees to your webpage when asked for your contact info, resume, portfolio, or other information about your. Whether you're using,, or another, they'll know you're serious about their job offer and it will help you stand out, in the crowd.
How does this work with
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How does this work with others?
What information can be displayed on my webpage?
    Thats all up to you. We provide a template for your webpage and you get to add the content (even pictures) with an easy to use webpage editor. The editor works through your Internet browser. Also, you can upload your resume, porfolio, photos and more (no matter what format its in). Try the demo.
What will be my webpage address?
Your webpage address will be a your username as a subdomain of our name. Each subdomain is set up with your username followed by a dot then our domain name ( with no spaces. Example:

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